About Hines Digital

Hines Digital is my award-winning consulting practice, where I help leaders achieve their goals through digital strategy, online fundraising, and website design.

Consulting Services

General Digital Consulting: In more than 15 years of digital politics, I’ve seen it all. I can help you plan your strategy & tactics at the top level, putting your internal team in the best position to succeed.

Email & Online Fundraising Strategy: I first started raising money online in 2003. In the 2018 Election Cycle, I managed more than 13.7 million emails sent — raising more than $1.5 million online. I know how to build online fundraising campaigns that work.

Website Design & Development: People around the world know me for building award-winning campaigning websites. I specialize in NationBuilder’s website platform, and my designs consistently win recognition as among the best in the industry.

NationBuilder Consulting: Speaking of NationBuilder’s platform, no one knows more about how to leverage it than I do. That’s why I’m consistently recommended by NB staff to support their most critical political customers.

Awards & Recognition

I am proud that I have won the following awards and honors for my work:

Current & Past Clients

The following is a partial list of current & past clients:

National Campaigns & Organizations: Alain Juppé for President (France); Australian Conservatives; Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance; Britain Stronger in Europe; Campaign Life Coalition; The Convention of States Project; Evan McMullin for President (United States); Firearms Policy Coalition; Marsy’s Law for All; The National Party of Malta; The National Party of New Zealand; Rick Santorum for President (United States); Theresa May for Prime Minister (United Kingdom); Yes Scotland!; Young Americans for Liberty; and Young Republicans National Federation. 

Statewide Campaigns & Organizations: Austin Peterson for U.S. Senate (Missouri); Bill Bryant for Governor (Washington State); Bill Haslam for Governor (Tennessee); Civitas Institute (North Carolina); Deb Fischer for U.S. Senate (Nebraska); Ed Gillespie for Governor (Virginia); Jeff Johnson for Governor (Minnesota); Jonathan McConnell for U.S. Senate (Alabama); John Fleming for U.S. Senate (Louisiana); Dr. Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate (Arizona); Mae Beavers for Governor (Tennessee); Michael Williams for Governor (Georgia); The National Party of New South Wales; The National Party of Western Australia; North Carolina Values Coalition; Pat McCrory for Governor (North Carolina); Paul Paulson for Agriculture Commissioner (Florida); Patrick Morrisey for U.S. Senate (West Virginia); The Republican Party of California; The Republican Party of Florida; The Republican Party of Maryland; The Republican Party of North Carolina; The Republican Party of Wyoming; Rob Maness for U.S. Senate (Louisiana); Scott Dawson for Governor (Alabama); Tom Schweich for Governor (Missouri); and Tommy Tuberville for U.S. Senate (Alabama).

Political Action Committees: Better for America; Conservative Majority Fund; Family & Life Coalition; Free the Delegates; GatorPAC; Make California Great PAC; National Republican Grassroots Committee; Protect the 8th; Tea Party Majority Fund; and Term Limits Now PAC.

Congressional Campaigns: Brad Sostack for Congress (Florida); Chip Maxwell for Congress (Nebraska); Jason Smith for Congress (Missouri); John Curtis for Congress (Utah); Justin Amash for Congress (Michigan); Justin Grabelle for Congress (Florida); and Scott Sturgill for Congress (Florida).