About Hines Digital

Hines Digital is my professional office, where I help clients with shape the future using NationBuilder’s software platform.

Since 2013, I have helped dozens of organizations across fifteen U.S. states and nine countries to get the most out of NationBuilder’s website, database, and email tools.

Consulting & Custom Website Design

I am available for week-long and multi-week consulting engagements, with a focus on database strategy, email deliverability, training, and custom website theme design.

Date Availability
Jun 17 – Jun 23 Booked
Jun 24 – Jun 30 Booked
Jul 1 – Jul 7 Booked
Jul 8 – Jul 14 Available
Jul 15 – Jul 21 Booked
Jul 22 – Jul 28 Booked
Jul 29 – Aug 4 Available
Aug 5 – Aug 11 Booked
Aug 12 – Aug 18 Available

To book me for your next project, or for more information, please email me at ian@hines.digital

Note: I also have limited availability for hourly, ad hoc consulting & support. To book my time by the hour, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NationBuilder?

NationBuilder is software designed to power organizations, movements, and campaigns.

The company was founded in November of 2009 by CEO Jim Gilliam and launched in April of 2011. Its headquarters is in downtown Los Angeles.

NationBuilder offers easy-to-update websites, a people database, and communication tools like email, text messaging, and social media — all in one system. Businesses, nonprofits, governments, and politicians use NationBuilder to organize their communities and build more meaningful relationships with customers, supporters, and constituents.

Do you work for NationBuilder?

No. Since 2013, I have been freelancing on purpose as a Certified NationBuilder Expert & Architect. I have worked with political campaigns and nonprofits in the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Malta, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. And I take enormous pride in building beautiful and useful NationBuilder themes.

How do you know so much about NationBuilder?

Before setting out on my own as a Certified NationBuilder Expert & Architect, I worked at NationBuilder’s HQ in Los Angeles. There, I learned the platform under the mentorship of the late Jim Gilliam, NationBuilder’s Founder & then CEO.

Since 2012, I have used NationBuilder nearly every day to help campaigns & causes deploy powerful websites, grow their supporter lists, and raise money online.