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On NationBuilder’s Future

On NationBuilder’s Future

Three times in the past month, I’ve been asked by prospective clients for my view on NationBuilder’s future.

Is the company healthy? Is it growing? Can they rely on it? Etc.

I assume that people are asking because before they make a considerable investment in the platform, they want to know if that investment is intelligent, safe, and wise.

My answer is always the same: I have been working with NationBuilder every day since 2012, and I have never seen it as healthy and dynamic as it is today.

My confidence level in the platform is so high that I shuttered my agency business earlier this year to invest myself 100% into NationBuilder-specific consulting work.

Essentially every central political figure in the “western world” (outside of the United States) uses NationBuilder. Within the United States, I would say anecdotally that most Greens, Libertarians, Republicans, and independents use the platform. Democrats only shy away because of their penchant for partisan media and ideological software. And that’s just the political market!

If you’re thinking about investing in the platform, either as a customer or vendor partner, I say “do it.”