NationBuilder Basics

NationBuilder is an integrated software platform that powers nonprofits, movements, and campaigns as they build the future. Its core features include a people database, a website platform, an email marketing tool, and the ability to receive and track donations. The platform was created in 2009 by Jim Gilliam.

NationBuilder is used by leaders and organizations worldwide to publish their website, securely collect supporter information, send email and SMS communications, and raise money online.

By integrating a CMS, a people database, email marketing tools, and a donation processor into a single platform, NationBuilder empowers leaders to build the future.

Yes, NationBuilder is secure. One of NationBuilder’s founding principles is that leaders must “own their data.” 

There is no such thing as “the NationBuilder database.” Every NationBuilder customer gets a separate, secure, and self-contained database, and that customer alone chooses who they grant permission to access that database.

NationBuilder includes a content management system (CMS) within its integrated software platform. Thousands of organizations worldwide use NationBuilder to publish their website, grow supporter lists, raise money, and build the future.

NationBuilder’s CMS supports more than thirty unique page types, including Blog Posts, Petition pages, and Donation pages.

A “NationBuilder Website” is a website that is powered by NationBuilder’s software platform.

NationBuilder websites combine robust action forms, streamlined donation pages, and powerful SEO tools to help advocacy organizations, nonprofits, and political campaigns raise money and scale their movements online.

NationBuilder Experts are professionals that have been certified by NationBuilder as being highly skilled in using the NationBuilder software platform.

Generally, NationBuilder Experts have experience in community organizing, database management, email marketing, fundraising, text messaging & website design.