How to update the homepage’s content blocks on your Livingston website theme

Official Answer

Your Livingston website theme is built with powerful tools for creating a dynamic and engaging homepage — all without knowing a single line of code!

How To Edit The Homepage Blocks

Your Livingston website theme’s homepage is made of up to seven (7) editable image blocks, each linked to another page on your website. These image blocks are perfect for timely and important content to your campaign’s supporters and prospective supporters (ex: Featuring a recent campaign event or inviting supporters to sign a petition)

Screenshot: Livingston Homepage

To edit these Homepage Blocks, navigate in your NationBuilder control panel to Website > Pages > [Homepage] > Settings > Featured content sliders. There you can add, edit, and sort up to seven individual “slides.” Each “slide” will appear as one of the blocks, ordered top to bottom as shown above. 

Field Function Required?
Label Internal identifier only. Not shown on the website. (ex: Candidate Bio Link) Yes
Headline/Action text The headline/text of the homepage block. Shown publicly on the website. (ex: Meet Jane Doe) Yes
Page to feature The NationBuilder page slug that this block should link to. Yes
Image The photograph or image to be shown publicly on this feature block. We strongly recommend using images with a 16:9 aspect ratio, and using TinyPNG to compress images prior to uploading. Yes

Editing The Homepage’s Donation Buttons

To encourage your supporters to donate, your Livingston website theme’s homepage includes pre-installed donation buttons. 

The buttons have pre-set values of $5, $15, $25, and $100; these values are not editable from within the NationBuilder control panel.

By default, these donation buttons link to your site’s default NationBuilder-powered donation page. You can select your default donation page by navigating within your NationBuilder control panel to Website > Pages > Defaults

To direct supporters to a third-party (non-NationBuilder) donation page, add a tag to your site’s homepage with the following pattern: ts_donation_url:

To edit the headline directly above your homepage’s donation buttons, navigate within your NationBuilder control panel to Website > Site settings > Basics and edit the Subheadline field.