How to customize the action buttons on your Livingston website theme

Official Answer

Livingston supports as many as three custom action buttons in your website’s header, each designed to drive supporters to action. 

Visualizing each button

On desktop screens, all three action buttons are visible by default.

Screenshot: Navbar

As shown in the screenshot above:

  • Button #1: Designed for the site’s primary action (typically the donation page), this button will appear in a bold color as defined by your chosen theme style.
  • Button #2: Designed for the site’s secondary action (often a sign up or volunteer page), this button will appear in your theme’s primary color.
  • Button #3: This button is designed to serve as a prominent, time-sensitive alert. It will appear as full-width across the top of the screen and with a bold background color. It is always prefixed by an “alert” label.

Editing the buttons

To add, edit, or remove buttons from your site’s header, navigate in your NationBuilder control panel to Website > Supporter nav > Buttons

  • The “text” of the button is what will appear within the button itself.
  • The “slug” of the button is the URL of the page on your NationBuilder site to which the button will link.
  • Buttons whose slugs are left blank will not be shown on your website