How to add pages to the top nav of your Livingston website theme

Official Answer

Like all of NationBuilder’s official themes, Livingston allows you to add a page to your “top nav” by checking the corresponding checkbox in that page’s settings.

Screenshot: Include in top nav

To add a page to your website’s top nav, navigate to Website > Pages > [The page] > Settings and check the box for “Include in top nav.”

Sorting the pages in your top nav

Once you have added pages to your site’s top nav, you will have the ability to choose the order they appear on your website.

To re-order your top nav, navigate in your control panel to Website > Top nav. There, you can drag and drop the pages displayed to order them as you prefer.

We strongly recommend limiting the number of pages in your site’s top nav to four. Adding additional pages can inadvertently clutter your layout and confuse your visitors.

About dropdown menus

Livingston supports dropdown menus one level deep, which means you are able to have two levels of links in your site’s top nav:

  1. Your site’s primary nav links (e.g., About, Issues, Volunteer, Blog)
  2. Subpages of those primary nav links (e.g., “Economy” and “Education” under “Issues”)