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Building a Grassroots Donor Network Across Arizona and the Country

Building a Grassroots Donor Network Across Arizona and the Country

When Dr. Kelli Ward decided to take on longtime Senator John McCain in the Arizona Republican Primary, she knew that she would need an active, engaged grassroots movement to succeed.

Starting in December 2015, we had the opportunity to partner with her campaign to develop and lead her digital strategy-building that grassroots supporter network across Arizona and the country.

We redesigned and relaunched her website, helped grow her campaign's email list by a whopping 760%, and set a blistering pace of online fundraising - raising some $800,000 online in just eight months and more than 75% of her total fundraising revenue during our time with the campaign.

Screenshot: Kell Ward Homepage (2016)
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In the end, Dr. Ward's campaign fell short, but her 40% of the vote was the strongest result for a Republican primary challenger to Senator McCain in his career.

Kelli's campaign set a new standard for running an efficient, effective digital organizing campaign. And the strong grassroots foundation we helped lay in 2015–2017 helped position her as the frontrunner in the race to succeed Senator Jeff Flake in the 2018 Election.