How to customize your page’s colors with your Gadsden website theme

Official Answer

Out of the box, your Gadsden website theme supports a range of pre-defined color options designed to mirror the world’s major political parties. But in order to best match your own branding, Gadsden allows you to select a primary and secondary color on a site-wide or per-page basis.

Applying your branding to your entire Gadsden-powered website

In order to apply your campaign or cause’s unique branding requirements site-wide, navigate within your NationBuilder control panel to your site’s homepage (e.g., Website > Pages > [The Homepage] > Settings). 

There, you may choose to add up to two page tags (described below) to set your site’s primary and secondary brand color.

Color Description Page Tag Example
Primary Color Applies to the page’s background, footer, etc. primary_color: [HEX code] primary_color: #1565C0
Secondary Color Applies to the form’s primary “submit” button. secondary_color: [HEX code] secondary_color: #FF5252

Once you have successfully added your page tags, your color preferences will be applied to every page on your Gadsden-powered website. (Note: If your changes do not immediately take effect, please try clearing your website’s cache.)

Applying your branding to an individual page on your Gadsden-powered website

If you would like to apply your branding on a per-page basis, you may do so by adding the tags described above to each desired page individually. 

Primary and Secondary Color tags added to individual subpages will override the site-wide color options for that individual page only. This empowers you to tailor your page’s colors and branding to match the imagery of individual advertising and issue campaigns as needed.