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Meet Gadsden: A Pixel-Perfect NationBuilder Landing Page Theme

Meet Gadsden: A Pixel-Perfect NationBuilder Landing Page Theme

Today, we’re excited to officially unveil Gadsden: a mobile-optimized NationBuilder landing page that is perfect for email acquisition and supporter engagement campaigns.

Gadsden began as an internal project designed to help us better serve our agency clients. Time and again, we found ourselves needing to run high-performing email acquisition and engagement campaigns, so we built the NationBuilder-powered landing pages we needed to do that work — and then spent more than two years iterating on the design.

When we stepped back from digital agency work to refocus on NationBuilder theme design earlier this year, we decided to repurpose Gadsden as a certified NationBuilder Theme Marketplace offering so that we could make it available to all customers.

So, for the past few months, we’ve been hard at work polishing and refining Gadsden to get it ready for you, and along the way, we’ve developed some features that we’re excited to share. Let’s take a look at how Gadsden makes your prospective supporters click.

Meaningful internationalization support

Gadsden includes built-in support for 27 language localizations, including regional varieties English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. By the start of 2020, our goal is to support every official language of the European Union as well as the most frequently spoken languages of Africa, South America, and Asia.

By adding a tag to any page, Gadsden allows you to translate all of its hard-coded text to your chosen localization. That way, you can communicate with your supporters in their native language.

Conversion-Optimized Forms & Layouts

On Gadsden, action forms are built to convert, and they do — at up to a 90% pace for known supporters. By showing only the most necessary form fields (and in some cases showing none at all, as shown below), Gadsden dramatically reduces the number of steps your supporters need to take to get from an initial click to a form submission.

Screenshot: Gadsden Form Example
Screenshot: Gadsden web form for a known user.

Studies repeatedly show that focused forms with engaging background photography are among the best converting layouts on the web, which is why they’re a central part of Gadsden’s design.

Any page on your Gadsden-powered website can support beautiful, full-screen, and mobile-optimized background photos so that you can showcase your candidate or campaign’s imagery — no coding required. Just upload your photo and click Save.

Screenshot: Gadsden Background Image

As a bonus, Gadsden includes the ability to use literally any color combination on any page (or a different combo per page) — all without editing a line of code. The result is a powerful, conversion-oriented website template that allows your organization’s digital team to launch on-brand action pages in moments. 

Full Google Tag Manager Support

For digital campaigners and online marketers, the ability to easily add and update advertising and marketing scripts is a must. That’s why Gadsden empowers you to install and edit your Google Tag Manager container without ever touching your site’s code. 

Using Google Tag Manager, alongside Gadsden’s built-in conversion optimization features, gives you access to all the tools you’ll need to run your best email acquisition and supporter engagement campaigns.

The Bottom Line

If you’re building or engaging an email list on NationBuilder, you should be using Gadsden. It’s the perfect companion to your main website (whether that site is hosted on NationBuilder or otherwise), and ideally suited to an subdomain. And with a price point at just $250 per site (a one time fee), it won’t break the bank.

If you’re interested, check out Gadsden’s demo site or read more at And if you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected].

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