Consulting & Web Design

I am available for week-long and multi-week consulting engagements, with a focus on digital strategy, online fundraising, and website design.

Upcoming Schedule

Date Availability
Jun 17 – Jun 23 Booked
Jun 24 – Jun 30 Booked
Jul 1 – Jul 7 Available
Jul 8 – Jul 14 Available
Jul 15 – Jul 21 Available
Jul 22 – Jul 28 Available
Jul 29 – Aug 4 Available

Price: USD 3,750 per week

To book me for your next project, or for more information, please email me at

Typical Engagements

Typical engagements include:

  • Design & develop a custom NationBuilder website theme (with design complexity scaled to your budget/timeline).
  • Design the branding & logo for a political campaign, nonprofit, or advocacy organization.
  • Set up and configure the technical infrastructure for your campaign or cause.
  • Conduct an email deliverability audit, and develop a reputation improvement plan.
  • Develop a comprehensive online fundraising plan.
  • Test an app or product for quality assurance and user experience considerations.

Note: I also have limited availability for hourly, ad hoc consulting & support. To book my time by the hour, click here.