Backlash Ensues as RNC's WinRed Fundraising Hammer Falls

RealClearPolitics is out with an in-depth, well-sourced summary of the GOP’s ongoing intraparty debate over fundraising platform strategy.

Republican national party leaders decided to publicly strong-arm state and local GOP officials, as well as some members of Congress, in a battle over the best way to raise small-dollar donations from the conservative grassroots.

Now those forces are pushing back against what they regard as both a money and a data grab antithetical to bedrock GOP free market principles, according to RealClearPolitics interviews with more than a dozen state party officials, veteran national campaign operatives and fundraising experts.

If you’re a digital strategist — in either party — you’ll want to be conversant in the dynamics of this conflict (whether or not you have a particular horse in the race), as it’s possibly the most important storyline in the GOP political world today.

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