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Caption: The Hines Family (May 2019)
The Hines Family (May 2019)

About Me

Hello! My name is Ian Patrick Hines. I’m a digital strategist, online fundraiser, and website designer — and probably the world’s most experienced NationBuilder Expert & Architect.

In 2003, when I was still in high school and working as a campaign volunteer, I became obsessed with the intersection between the internet and politics. That obsession has defined my professional life.

In 2012, I found my way to NationBuilder’s Los Angeles HQ. There, I learned the platform under the mentorship of the late Jim Gilliam, NationBuilder’s Founder & then CEO.

In November 2013, I left the company and set out on my own as a Certified NationBuilder Expert & Architect.

Since then, I’ve helped more than fifty organizations across eight countries and sixteen U.S. states to leverage the power of NationBuilder’s platform to build the future. I have designed websites for world leaders, developed and managed large email lists for national campaigns, and helped raise millions of dollars online. 

I live in beautiful Severna Park, Maryland, with my wife and three children. In my free time, I coach and play lacrosse and serve my community as the Cubmaster of my sons’ Cub Scout pack.

About This Website

I have been publishing an eponymously named weblog since 2009. I first published this particular website in 2019, with a clean archive and a renewed sense of focus.

I intend to orient around what Merlin Mann described as “obsession times voice.”

As I mentioned, I’m preoccupied with the intersection between the internet and politics, and in particular with how NationBuilder’s software platform empowers leaders to build the future. I believe that after working in the field for more than fifteen years, I have a unique perspective on those topics that’s worth sharing with the world.

On this website, you can expect to find my strong opinions and shared thoughts on digital strategy, freelancing, and how to get the most out of NationBuilder. I try to imagine that I am writing to a younger version of myself: fascinated by the same topics but without the benefit of experience. I hope that you enjoy it.


NationBuilder hosts this website, my database, and my email servers. I handed coded this custom website theme in Liquid and Sass using Sublime Text 3

The typography on this website is set in either San Francisco, Segoe UI, or Roboto depending on whether you use an Apple, Windows, or Android device.

I proofread text using Grammarly Premium.

Other indispensables: Apple AirPodsApple HomePod, Apple iPhoneApple Music, BootstrapCalendly, Cushion, DropboxGmail, Google Calendar, Google ChromeMacBook Pro, Spectrum, TinyPNG, and Zoom.

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