Ian Patrick Hines

Certified NationBuilder Expert

Ian Patrick Hines is a former NationBuilder employee, a certified NationBuilder Expert, and an award-winning fundraiser & website designer. Since 2012, he has been helping campaigns & causes leverage NationBuilder’s software platform to build the future. 

At NationBuilder, Ian reported directly to Jim Gilliam, the company’s founder. Jim empowered Ian to train new employees, author the product’s public documentation, overhaul the company’s internal project management system, manage the platform’s email deliverability, and provide personalized support to the company’s most complex customers.

In more than eight years as a freelance NationBuilder Expert, he has supported more than one hundred organizations across eight countries and twenty U.S. states — helping to shape global affairs in the 21st-century. 

Today, he’s focused on helping to grow the NationBuilder Expert community and helping organizations of every size get the most out of the platform.

A father to three children, Ian is happily married to his high-school sweetheart and lives two miles from where he grew up in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Photo: The Hines Family (May 2019)
Photo: The Hines Family (May 2019)